IATSE Local 480 Training Workshop In Las Cruces

Jan 31, 2022

IATSE Local 480 Training Workshop In Las Cruces

Film Las Cruces has teamed up with IATSE Local 480 to provide Las Cruces with stellar training workshops led by industry veterans. Our goal is to see these workshops in Las Cruces once a quarter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To have an opportunity to be a part of these IATSE Local 480 workshops, you must be a Local 480 member or on their overflow list. For joining the overflow list, it will take approximately 14 days for your paperwork to be completed. This means that you will need to submit your application for the overflow list no later than February 11th, 2022 to have the opportunity to join the workshop detailed below.

This course will be held on February 26th and will give direct skills training on the covered craft of Assistant Location Management and introduce participants to:
* Finding and booking basecamps
* Finding and booking vendors
* Mapmaking
* Overview of scouting and scout photography
* Scouting locations
* Contracts/deals
* Acting as Community Liaison for productions
* Working with other departments re: scheduling, alterations, safety, people moving, logistics, parking, portable potties/honey wagons, basecamp logistics
* Creature comforts – AC, heat, M/U stations, chairs, tables, tents, catering locations
* Budgeting
* Cleanup and wrap
* Interpersonal relationships

You’ll learn through Lecture, Group Activities, Role Playing, Hands on Learning and Demonstrations.

This class is being facilitated in cooperation with the Las Cruces Film office and the IATSE Local 480! 

About Your Trainer: A former English teacher, diversity trainer, magazine editor and barnhand, Rebecca Puck Stair has been working as a location scout & manager and producer for seventeen years. Notable projects include No Country For Old Men, 3:10 To Yuma, John Carter Of Mars, Terminator: Salvation, Independence Day: Resurgence, Jumanj Jungle Sequel  and The Harder They Fall. A current member of NM Women In Film, she also served on the executive boards of IATSE Local 480 and the LMGI. In 2017 and 2018 she took a sabbatical from the biz to produce podcasts and conferences for the Franciscan monk Father Richard Rohr, and then ran for state Senate. When not filming, she, for some insane reason, races in triathlons.