DACC GO Bond Includes a Creative Media Building

Sep 16, 2019

NEWS RELEASE – From Doña Ana Community College

Las Cruces – Doña Ana Community College (DACC) President Dr. Mónica Torres announced a DACC General Obligation Bond will be part of the Doña Ana County election ballot on November 5, 2019. The DACC Bond will provide funding to refurbish infrastructure, as well as modernize and construct state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories at the Community College.  Passage of the bond will not increase taxes for Doña Ana County residents.

“Funds raised as a result of this election allow us to continue providing quality academic programs and services for citizens in Doña Ana County and include a wide range of options: adult education, workforce preparation and development and general education,” Torres said.

The bond funding will support projects including:

  1. Creative Media Building. A 15,300 square foot facility will be built in the Arrowhead Research Park to support the DACC Creative Media Technology Program as a tenant in the Creative Campus Concept at New Mexico State University. It will connect students with local companies and allow the community college to partner with industry and others in film, gaming and creative media. The new facility will provide synergy with other tenants of Arrowhead Park. $3.9 million
  2. Security and Safety Upgrades. This is as a result of a comprehensive review of safety and security concerns at all campuses and centers.  $1.4 million
  3. Infrastructure Improvements. Maintenance, repair and site development will be implemented such as internal and exterior building system upgrades/replacement, building repair, and painting at all campuses. $2 million
  4. Classroom upgrades and renovations. Renovation of selected instructional labs and classrooms and updated equipment is part of the classroom renovation plan. $1 million
  5. IT upgrades/equipment acquisition. All campuses have identified IT needs as part of a master plan to address network and wireless connectivity and technology at each campus and center. $4 million
  6. Gadsden Advanced Technology Center. A 5,800 square foot Advanced Technology Building will include two technology labs and two classrooms to support the growth and utilization of technology in CTE programs.

“As these projects illustrate, we provide opportunities for people in our communities to further develop skills they already have and to develop new skills and knowledge.  When our students and graduates do that, they change their lives and the lives of their families,” Torres said. “We also know that people who earn college credentials change the landscape of our community.  A vibrant and healthy community relies on a skilled workforce and an engaged citizenry which are a direct result of people taking advantage of educational opportunities.” 

DACC has a General Obligation Bond election every four years. This bond will provide funding for projects from 2019 to 2022.

Contact: Eddie Binder (575) 528-7070