New Mexico Film Grants

Mar 7, 2017

Hello there fellow indie moviemakers!
I’ve spent the better part of the week researching grants and contests for New Mexico filmmakers. Below is a compiled list that I really hope you’ll take advantage of! These grants and contests are only open to New Mexico residents.


George R.R. Martin Science fiction/Fantasy screenwriter grant.

This grant is for New Mexican filmmakers who are looking to produce the pilot episode of a sci-fi television series or feature film. Applicants must submit an original screenplay. The winning script will be awarded $5,000.  Eligibility link.


New Mexico Girls Make Movies grant.

This grant is for New Mexican girls (Ages 12-25) who want to submit their original screenplays, short stories, comic books etc. The winner will be awarded $1,000 and the production support of a professional Santa Fe crew. Eligibility link.


Lockheed Martin Filmmaker contest.

This grant is for New Mexican filmmakers to submit an original one page treatment for a  3-5 minute film that explores the risks and emotional effects of deep space exploration.  The winning applicant or team will be awarded $5,000 with an additional $5,000 worth of equipment from  Serious Grippage and Light co in Santa Fe. Eligibility link.


Beau Mcnicholas post production grant.

This grant is for New Mexican filmmakers who need an extra boost to their post production budget. The winner will be awarded $1,500. Eligibility link.


That’s all I’ve got for you today! Don’t forget the Las Cruces International Film Festival on March 8th-12th.


Written by Michael Valdivia, Film Las Cruces Intern.

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