**Cast and Crew Call**

Mar 15, 2018

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure

The story of Esha, a resilient woman on the run with her husband, Boot, and their technophile co-pilot, Ka’i. Previously en route to a healer in hopes of curing Esha’s infertility, the trio is set off-course by Boot’s devout sister, Parser, and a young follower, Alva, toward a fabled city, where their archaic faith claims a young messiah can save them all.


(All paid, $250-$500/day)

ESHA: Female, 30-35, 5’5” – 5’8”, Non-Caucasian, short-medium length hair, somewhat fashionable but dirtied. Strong willed, but empathetic and understanding- sticks up for the people she loves- those who may not be strong enough to do so themselves. Must be physically capable of militaristic action, including but not limited the “Gunner” position on the ship- no physical altercations required. Many emotionally moments ranging from nuanced to overt.

BOOT: Male, 30-40, 5’10” – 6’1”, Non-Caucasian but must appear to be the brother of PARSER in both bone structure and ethnicity. Fit, but not overtly muscular. The witty and somewhat dashing pilot of the ship, and husband to ESHA. Tries to find the humor in things even when the timing isn’t right- headstrong, somewhat to his detriment. Must be comfortable behind the controls of the cockpit – including realistic steering, and arming of various switches/levers/dials/etc…

KA’I: Female, 18-24, 5’3” – 5’5”, Non-Caucasian but specifically a drastically different ethnicity than the rest of the cast. Shorter, choppy hair. Possibly from Russia, Ukraine, Africa, China/Japan/Korea/Etc…, or any ethnicity that separates her from the cast visually. The surrogate ‘daughter’ for BOOT and ESHA, and a technological wizard. Performs maintenance on the ship, as well as controls the control center in the cockpit, next to BOOT. Must be comfortable with physical tasks which do not include altercation. Must also be comfortable pretending to do math equations in the air which will then be completed in post production.

PARSER: Female, 30-35, 5’5 – 5’8”, Non-Caucasian but must appear to be the sister of BOOT in both bone structure and ethnicity. Long black hair kept in a pony tail. Physically frail, hailing from a poverty stricken area, but must have gravitas. A religious fundamentalist, following the central fictional faith of the story. Takes ALVA under her wing, whether she wants it or not. Uncomfortable with the lack of faith on the ship, and the reason why the group has the destination they do. Willing to do anything to make this journey.

ALVA: Female, 12-14, 4’10” – 5’2”, Non-Caucasian. Small but not frail like PARSER, as she hails from a more middle class area. Long black hair kept in a pony tail. The young stowaway of the ship who has been taken on as PARSER’s ‘responsibility’. Youthful and aloof to the weight of things around her, but genuinely curious. Potential for deep empathy, and intelligence that is somewhat stifled by the fictional religion at the heart of the film. Minimal physicality required.

THE FIRST BELIEVER: Male, 70+, Non-Caucasian. Wise with a kind and inviting face/presence. Must be comfortable in minimal clothing, as well as wearing prosthetics. Long hair and beard.

PIM: Female, 9-12, 4’ – 4’4”. Non-Caucasian with wild hair and a wild look about her. Thin, but not frail. Must be comfortable running, and wearing a great deal of fabric as clothing.


(All paid, negotiated weekly)

NOTE: This is a story about motherhood! We’d love to see as much inclusion and representation within the crew as possible and strongly encourage any interested female crew to reach out!

1st AD

2nd AD

Script Supervisor

Craft Services


Stills Photographer


Key Grip

B-Camera Operator

A-Camera 1st AC

B-Camera 1st AC

2nd AC

Best Boy Electric

Best Boy Grip






Construction Coordinator

Carpenter/Scenic Painter

Set Decorator

Set Dresser

Art PA (x2)

Sound Mixer

Boom Operator

Sound Utility

Hair & Makeup Supervisor

Hair & Makeup Assistant

Hair & Makeup Assistant

Wardrobe Supervisor

Wardrobe Assistant

Build Dates: August 1 – September 9

Shoot Dates: M-F, September 10-21

Shoot Location: Las Cruces, NM
Date of Casting Call / Crew Call: Online submissions only at this time
Time of Casting Call / Crew Call: Online submissions only at this time
Location of Casting Call / Crew Call: Online submissions only at this time

Contact information: erez.bdr@gmail.com