A Stellar Cast For A Stellar Cause

May 29, 2018

Film Las Cruces is excited to announce that the feature film, “All The World is Sleeping,” has begun production in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The film stars Melissa Barrera (“Vida”), Jackie Cruz (“Orange Is the New Black”), Luis Bordonada (“Vida”, “Better Call Saul”), Jorge Garcia (“Lost” , “Hawaii Five-0”), and Lisandra Tena (“Fear of the Walking Dead”).

“All the World is Sleeping” is being produced by Young Women United Films, in collaboration with local producer Ian Simon and director Ryan Lacen (Normal TV).

The non-profit organization, Young Women United, created the story of this film by centering the lived experiences of mothers living with addiction in New Mexico. The insight of these mamas inspired characters with authenticity and heart to push back against the stigma faced by pregnant women living through addiction. The film hopes to shed light on the realities of addiction and the support families need.

The film features locations throughout Las Cruces, Mesilla, and the town of Doña Ana. These locations include Memorial Hospital, Our Lady of Purification, La Llarona Park, and many more.

Be sure to check out the Young Women United Instagram account for more on set photos: https://www.instagram.com/youngwomenunitedfilms/


A hospital gurney specially rigged to mount a camera


Writer/Director, Ryan Lacen, with cast


CMT and CMI interns


A local Las Cruces make-up artist, Pepper Gallegos, applies make-up to Melissa Barrera


Grips from Las Cruces

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