PRESS RELEASE: Borderlands Film Festival Headed to Las Cruces

Jan 23, 2018

The following excerpt is from a Las Cruces local, David Salcido:

January 12, 2018 – As the film industry continues to expand in the great Southwest, meeting the multicultural needs of those who call the area home becomes a growing topic of conversation. Enter the Borderlands Film Festival, a multi-city celebration bringing the best in independent films from around the world, with an emphasis on female-driven, Spanish language, and veteran-produced projects. Submissions are currently being taken through Film Freeway for the six-day kick-off at the Allen Theatres’ Telshor 12 in Las Cruces, NM, October 2 – 7, 2018.

Brought to you by a creative team of directors with years of film festival running experience, the Borderlands Film Festival (BFF) aims to champion great independent filmmakers who would otherwise not have the chance for a prestigious public screening of their work.

“Bringing awareness to the gorgeous yet otherwise overlooked cities by the film industry, in and around the borderlands, is a vital part of what our festival hopes to achieve,” said festival Executive Director and CEO Dave Witt. “We make it easy by presenting a shortened version of our main festival event. This allows us to provide further exposure for our sponsors and to these areas that love film. We deliver a polished film festival run by experienced festival directors to those communities.”

The Borderlands Film Festival is doing its part in providing opportunities to female filmmakers worldwide, too. As such, the first annual festival theme will be Women in Film. To fulfill that theme, the Borderlands Film Festival will have dedicated programming and workshops celebrating women filmmakers.

“It’s a feeling we all share, which makes it all the more imperative to have our very first festival proudly bear the standard for women filmmakers worldwide. Personally, I can’t wait to see the results,” said Managing Partner and CSO David Salcido.

Due to its proximity to the international border, the Borderlands Film Festival is also dedicated to developing, promoting and increasing awareness of Latino culture by presenting a variety of Spanish speaking programming from all over the world, including Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the United States. From features to documentaries, short subjects to animation and an impressive lineup of foreign films, the programming of this festival will represent a great diversity of themes and genres. As an added salute to our United States Military, the festival will present a Veteran film category and award. “Our nation has the most trained and professional military in the world,” said US Army Veteran Witt. “This type of discipline translates to filmmaking and creates Veteran filmmakers who can walk directly into the industry with world experience. As a thank you for their sacrifices this festival will provide free film submitting for any US military Veteran.”

Putting filmmakers first is the key to making this the best festival experience in the southwest, with accepted films receiving lodging, meals and access to multiple red-carpet events, after parties and networking activities.

“The logistics of implementing a multi-city and state film festival requires a high degree of detail-oriented experience in the coordination of many people, facilities, and supplies,” said Managing Partner and COO Michael Evans. “I am fortunate to be working with some highly motivated and bright people to bolster my educational, corporate, and military experience. Having distributors present with eyes on film during film screenings at our festival truly supports our commitment to the independent filmmaker. Providing a direct avenue of resources to the independent filmmaker, not just during the festival but all year, ensures they know our mission is to see them succeed.”

The Borderlands Film Festival is set to bring multicultural excellence to the borderlands at Allen Theatres’ Telshor 12, October 2 – 7. We are also currently looking for sponsors and volunteers to help bring the dream to life. For more information visit To discover more, call 575-408-9026 or send an email to