New Feature: Picture Car Listings

Jan 11, 2021

List your property or vehicle for film and television productions in our online database!

Film Las Cruces would like to make sure that you are aware of our searchable online locations database. This is what productions filming in our area use when exploring locations for their film, television, or commercial production. Anyone with property or vehicles in Doña Ana County are encouraged to list in our database for free!

Edward James Olmos on the Set of “Walking With Herb” at Red Hawk Golf Course.

If you are interested in listing your property or business in our locations database, please let us know. Already have pictures of the property? Email the pictures to It is important to note that you, as the property owner, have no obligation to say yes to each request. Have additional questions about listing your property? Give our office a call at 575-805-FILM(3456) or email

Clint Eastwood pulls into Ruiz Tires, off of Picacho, in “The Mule.”
Jackie Cruz delivers a package outside of Coas Books in the film “All the World is Sleeping.”
Vigo Mortensen stares off into the distance in a Picacho Hills backyard for the film “Captain Fantastic.”

Covid-19 Update: All productions in the State of New Mew Mexico are encouraged to designate COVID-19 personnel dedicated to establishing and enforcing safety protocols and ensuring compliance. Ask to speak to one of these individuals when you are approached by a production seeking to film on your property.

Behind the scenes film crew off of Webb Rd. during the filming of “Death in Texas.”

New Feature: Picture Car Listings

Film Las Cruces is excited to announce an expansion to our locations database to include picture cars. The film and television industry is always looking to hire vehicles, in all conditions, all time periods, nice cars and ugly cars – all kinds! The only real criteria is that it should run. All listings are FREE and we may feature your vehicle on our Facebook page.

Please email pictures of the vehicle/s you would like to list, year, make and model to and we will add your vehicle to our database.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing community for opening their homes and businesses to film, television and commercial productions throughout the years. Our successful efforts to grow the film and media industry in Southern New Mexico is a reflection of the locals that make Doña Ana County a great place to live and film. Be sure to share this email with your friends and family in the Las Cruces/Doña Ana County area!