How To Welcome The Film Industry To Las Cruces

Nov 16, 2021

Las Cruces has dreamed of becoming a bustling film production town for years. The film industry spends over $500 million each year in New Mexico and supports thousands of good jobs, small business, tourism, and educational and workforce advancement.

Now that we are in the midst of an unprecedented level of filming activity in Doña Ana County, it’s a good time to go over some simple but important tips we can all follow to help successfully grow this industry here.

Be friendly to filmmakers: Las Crucens have a reputation for being exceedingly nice people. Since the film industry can choose to film wherever they want, let’s warmly welcome our visitors to town, and use our niceness to our advantage. Like any business, well-treated customers are repeat customers.

Move at the speed of the film industry. Because films and television shows employ a lot of people, their time is expensive. Every minute spent waiting for something to happen is costly for the production. As a result, filmmakers and their crew are often in a hurry and looking for rapid solutions. Businesses and governments that can keep up with the needs of film productions can reap big rewards. If you are a business ready to accommodate the film industry, sign up at the Film Las Cruces “Film Friendly Vendor” database.

Say yes. Filmmakers are storytellers, and they need lots of different locations and environments to tell their story. Whether it’s creating a scene from a shoe store or a zombie apocalypse, they will be looking to secure the perfect location for their story. If approached for help, please say yes if possible. It might make the difference in landing a great project for Doña Ana County. And if you must say “no,” try to help solve the problem with “I can’t do that, but what about this?”

Do not share film information on social media. Filmmakers and studios need to keep details of a film production confidential until it’s their ideal time to promote it. As such they usually don’t want pictures taken of filming (after all, images are the product they are selling!). It’s important that we respect those rules, and not post pictures online.

Respect actors’ privacy. Actors are people and need space to relax when they are not working. We can all help create a good work environment for them by giving them space to relax and not approaching them at restaurants and stores. Resist the temptation to ask for the selfie, and definitely do not seek them out. They will enjoy their time here much more and want to come back.

Be patient. Filming a scene takes time, and it sometimes happens in places we might be using. Be patient and supportive of film productions and embrace any minor inconvenience for the jobs and opportunities they’re bringing to our region.

Welcome changes. To accomplish any one scene requires hundreds of elements, all ready at once. If any one thing falls through, like a day is windy or someone gets stuck in traffic, there is a ripple effect and filming arrangements can change, and change quickly. Change does not mean the filmmakers are disorganized; it’s the nature of this complex business.

Stay updated. Want to become a paid background actor on a film, have your house or car used in a project, or just find out what’s happening? Follow Film Las Cruces on Facebook and website. We are your one stop shop for getting local film news and plugging into opportunities.