Background Casting Call – Walking With Herb

Aug 29, 2018

Las Cruces, NM– Latham Casting will be hiring background actors for Walking
with Herb, an independent film shooting mid Sept to mid Oct 2018 in the Las
Cruces/Artesia area.

The film tells the story of sixty-five-year-old Joe Amable-Amo, a man
struggling with his faith as his three-year-old granddaughter and her father
have just died. The former amateur golf champion is besieged by the malaise
of encroaching older age, working as a bank executive, gearing up for
retirement, deep concern for his wife’s unanswered needs, his humanitarian
daughter’s survival, and a potentially lethal loss of faith. But, at his nadir, in
his office one afternoon, a voice speaks to him via his computer monitor.
What does a syncopated voice–claiming to be God Almighty–have in mind for
Joe? An incredibly quirky man named Herb who’s a museum of tattoos on a
The film stars Edward James Olmos (of Bladerunner fame, as well as
Battlestar Galactica and many, many others) and comedian George Lopez.
To be considered for roles please either create a profile for free at or send an email to with
your contact information along with height, weight, a full-length current color
photograph as well as a head-and-shoulders image. When submitting
photographs, please no hats, sunglasses, selfies or other obstructions. Images
must be clear, recent, and in focus to be considered.